for optimum multisite energy efficiency

let's energize your profit potential

let's energize your
profit potential

Voyant Solutions is exactly that—a customized solution to the difficult task of managing your energy and equipment-maintenance costs in a multisite business structure.

We're a team of professionals, highly experienced in the facilities, HVAC, building controls and IT industries, and deeply committed to the virtue of client service.

When you partner with Voyant, you'll have an entirely new dynamic in your facility-management capabilities that will undoubtedly drive costs out of your energy profile and expand your underlying profit potential in new ways.

here's how we do it

No doubt, you're as unique as the next client. But, as a basis for customizing a service response to your needs, the Voyant process typically involves:

Look to Voyant for:

  • Energy management

  • Building Automation

  • Energy Services

  • Systems Monitoring

  • System Integration

  • Analytics

  • 24/7 Technical Support


energy savings analysis

We'll meet with you to review your business, your current building-automation system (BAS) and the full scope of your energy profile. Then, calculate the savings potential of a single-point management capability.


systems solution collaboration

Working with your management, IT and other key personnel, along with our broad network of technology vendors, we'll propose a comprehensive hardware, software and service solution designed to seamlessly integrate with your BAS infrastructure.


system implementation

Deploying professionals from our trusted network of mechanical, controls and IT contractors, we'll bring your system online, giving you the power to control your entire building apparatus, across campus or around the world, from one single personal device.


ongoing monitoring, analytics and support

We call it Voyant Energy Services, our 24/7 watchdog-consulting system that represents your most dynamic value-add component. Manned by highly trained and experienced professionals in HVAC, IT and electrical contracting, VES provides everything you can imagine to promote total energy-systems optimization.

VES detects energy use irregularities and inefficiencies, and sends alarms to triage or even preempt breakdowns and minimize your repair expenses. Plus, you get ongoing energy analysis and custom reporting to arm you with the information you need to make smarter consumption decisions. And, of course, you always can count on VES for rapid-response technical support any time of day.