for optimum multisite energy efficiency

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experience a higher level of cost control with XtraVision

the ability to manage your total energy profile across your entire school system or campus environment from one, easy-to-use web interface is literally at your fingertips with Voyant's XtraVision.

Representing a software-, controls- and protocol-neutral solution called Facilities Management System Integration (FMSI), XtraVision is the one system equipped to take the cost control of advanced energy management to a level that can serve even the most budget-challenged schools.

unprecedented savings

XtraVision centralizes and automates control of the HVAC, lighting, refrigeration and other energy-consuming systems in all your school's building locations, and supports you with monitoring and analytics that empower you to make smarter decisions, saving you money in significant ways.

  • Expand your manpower utilization and maximize energy efficiency by virtue of the fact you can monitor, actuate and automate all your building controls from a single personal device, anywhere you have an Internet connection.
  • Reduce maintenance costs by preempting mechanical or electrical failures and more quickly identifying repair issues.
  • Extend equipment life with better systems control that prevents automated systems from overworking unnecessarily.

invaluable freedom

XtraVision is an open-source solution, able to seamlessly integrate multiple control networks and IT platforms, rather than confine you to a single proprietary system.

With this unique flexibility, you can:

  • Maintain an open-bid environment for all related contracting services.
  • Get a higher return on investments made in existing control systems.
  • Ensure more decision and procurement freedom as your facility management needs evolve.
  • Establish better long-term maintenance cost control.
  • Count on more responsive delivery and service from vendors.

best of all - see the savings instantly!