for optimum multisite energy efficiency

energy smart

energy smart, the mark of
tomorrow's most profitable QSRs

see your cost savings, with XtraVisionQSR™

take control of the energy and other facilities-management cost factors that put a drag on your bottom line with Voyant Solutions' XtraVisionQSR—an innovative building energy-management system and monitoring service that is taking restaurant operation efficiency to a new level.

the benfits are clear

XtraVisionQSR centralizes and automates control of the HVAC, lighting, refrigeration and other energy-consuming systems in all your restaurant locations and brings that control through one Web interface that is accessible wherever there is an Internet connection.

With this control, enhanced by Voyant's enterprise analytics and system management services, operators like you have an unprecedented ability to:


cut energy costs by as much as 25%

Unit synchronization, demand control, lighting control, refrigeration control, building pressure control, total energy monitoring—you name it. XtraVisionQSR eliminates costly inefficiencies in countless ways.


control and reduce maintenance costs

  • Preempt expensive emergency repairs.
  • Troubleshoot a problem before a maintenance call to prep the service provider, shorten the visit and minimize the bill.
  • Check the work, after the repair, to ensure you got what you paid for.
  • Extend equipment life with better systems control that prevents automated systems from overworking unnecessarily.


build the equity in your brand

Maintain the optimum comfort, atmosphere and overall impression your customers take away from your dining experience.

best of all - see the savings instantly!